Jan Mulder

Curriculum Vitae

Almelo, The Netherlands (1955)
Academy of Fine Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands (1984-1989)
Lives and works in Utrecht and part of the year in Paros, Greece

Jan Mulder is a painter in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, the avant-garde movement that started in the 1940’s in New York, also known as The New York School. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko are well known representatives. H.J.A. Hofland: ... ‘They (the paintings JM) produce the sensation that comes with the discovery of things which were thought to be lost’... H.J.A. Hofland is a writer, journalist and columnist for leading Dutch newspapers and magazines.

Mulder’s work is represented in collections in Europe, USA and Asia.
Solo and group exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece, New York.
Articles, essays and reviews are published in international papers, magazines and catalogues.
The illustrated book ‘Jan Mulder, Paintings and Watercolors, 1994-2006’ was published in 2006 with contributions by Dominique Nahas (art critic based in Manhattan), H.J.A. Hofland and others.

The paintings in Tio Ilar are from the series Nachtbaum (‘Night Tree’) after the poem ‘Die Ewigkeit’ (‘Eternity') of Paul Celan.

More information: www.janmulder.info