Irene Hanenbergh

Curriculum Vitae

Irene Hanenbergh

Irene Hanenbergh’s practice involves a range of media including drawing, painting, new media and printmaking. In 2011 Hanenbergh will undertake 2 artist residencies in Thailand and Japan, awarded by Asialink Australia and The Australia Council, attempting to further exploring concerns of disciplined immaterial sensibilities.

Hanenbergh (The Netherlands) completed a BA(Hons) in Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Minerva, The Netherlands, a BA(Hons) in Printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Art (ASKT) and subsequently a Post Graduate in Printmaking at The Royal College of Art, London. She moved to Melbourne where she completed a Master of Fine Arts by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts (The University of Melbourne) in 2010. Intermittently, she has spent considerable time on artist and research residencies on various locations in Europe and in the USA.
Over the past 20 years she has held solo and group exhibitions in Australia and internationally; most recently ‘Lace Monitor (Victoria Everglades)’ at Ryan Renshaw Gallery in Brisbane, 'Laudanum & De Breeder' at Neon Parc in Melbourne; 'Resort Nadir' Sydney Museum; ‘Freedom Holidays in The Rudolphine’, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces and ‘Vlad July Egoiste’, Neon Parc. She contributed to numerous group exhibitions such as ‘Show You My World’, Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin; ‘Bal Tashchit’, Jewish Museum, Melbourne; ‘Old skool (never lose that feeling)’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; ‘One God No Masters’, Hamish McKay, New Zealand; and ‘Instinct’, Monash Museum of Art, Melbourne.

Hanenbergh’s work is held in public and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States including the QU Museum (Brisbane), the Museum of Old and New Art (Tasmania), Artbank Australia, ABSOLUT European Collection (Sweden), Centre for Contemporary Art (The Netherlands), Collection ASKT (Greece) and Rabobank (The Netherlands). She was twice named as one of ‘Australia’s 50 Most Collectible Artists’ by Australian Art Collector and is currently represented by Neon Parc (Melbourne) and Ryan Renshaw Gallery (Brisbane).

For a full exhibition- and publications history please refer to the Bibliography (CV) on Catalogue of works and information on upcoming events can also be obtained from her representing galleries or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic selection

2007/2010    MFA (by Research) Victorian College of the Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
2000/2004    Victoria University of Technology, Electronic & Interactive Media, Melbourne, Australia.
1995/1997    Athens School of Fine Arts, Postgraduate Program in Printmaking, Athens, Greece.
1992/1995    Athens School of Fine Arts, BA (Hons) Printmaking, Athens, Greece.
1993/1994    Royal College of Art (RCA), Postgraduate Program in Printmaking (PEP), London, UK.
1990/1992    Athens School of Fine Arts, Postgraduate Program in Sculpture & Installation, Athens, Greece.
1984/1988    Academy of Fine Arts Minerva, BA (Hons) Painting/Sculpture, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Solo Exhibitions

 2011    Parc Sandur 1989, works from 1989-2011, Neon Parc Gallery, Melbourne.
2010    Lace Monitor (Victoria Everglades), Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland.
2010    Freedom Nature, Margret Lawrence Galleries, VCAM, Melbourne.
2009    Laudanum & De Breeder, Neon Parc, Melbourne.
2009     Elastic Rebound Theory, with Stephan Balleux, courtesy of Think21 Gallery, Brussels & Ryan Renshaw      Gallery, Brisbane.
2009     Resort Nadir, Sydney University Museum & Galleries, Sydney.
2007    Vlad July Egoiste, Neon Parc, Melbourne.
2007    Freedom Holidays in The Rudolphine, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.
2007    Auckland Artfair - Neon Parc at Hilton Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand.
2005    Wolga Banshees, Apartment Gallery, Melbourne.
2003    Presence between Alborz and Hekla, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.
2002    Trinity deLuxe Commander, TCB Art. Inc, Melbourne.
1997    This is What I Like So It's How I Do It And That Is What You See, Gallery Olga Georgadeas, Athens.
1995    New Painting, Gallery Bert Mertens, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
1994    Gloria, it's never too late, Gallery Olga Georgadeas, Athens.
1991    Windowshow corazon, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1989    Irene Hanenbergh, Gallery Biemoldsbelang, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1989    Irene Hanenbergh, Gallery Rumpff, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
1988    AIR, Corazon, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1988    Irene Hanenbergh, Gallery Voorheen Schoolholm 33/1, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Group Exhibitions

2011    New Psychedelia, curated by Sebastian Moody, QU Museum, Brisbane, Queensland.
    Athens Pride, curated by Andrea Gilbert, The Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece.
2010    MFA 2010, Margret Lawrence Galleries, VCAM, Melbourne.
Delineated: The Printmaking Summer Residency Exhibition, curated by Andrew Tetzlaff, RMIT Project space, Melbourne.
A Tradigital Survey, curated by Gina Kalabishis and Kirsten Rann, Level 17 Artspace, VUT, Melbourne.    Autumn Masterpieces: Highlights from the Permanent Collection, curated by Mark Feary, Centre     for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.
    Power To The People, Feature Inc. NYC, New York, USA.
    Recorded: The Music Poster Show, curated by Madeleine Preston, Blank Space, Sydney.
2009    Westspace, Fundraiser A4, Melbourne.
    FREMANTLE PRINT AWARD 2009, Fremantle, WA.
    Dark Liaisons, curated by Ashley Crawford, 24H Art, Darwin, NT.
    ART LA 2009, Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA (with Neon Parc).
    Some Recent Painting: The Director's Cut, 2009, John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne.
2008    The Resurrectionists, curated by Ashley Crawford and Sam Leach, Block Gallery, Melbourne.
    Neo goth: back in black, curated by Alison Kubler, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane.
    Revolving doors (in memory of Blair Trethowan), Uplands Gallery, Melbourne.
    Show Me Your World, curated by Hannah Matthews, Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
    Bal Tashchit, Thou Shalt Not Destroy, curated by Melissa Amore and Ashley Crawford, Jewish
    Museum of Australia, Melbourne.
2007    Old Skool (never lose that feeling), curated by Hannah Mathews & Robert Cook, Perth Institute of     Contemporary Arts, Perth.
    Dream Wheels, Mahara Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.
2006    one god, no masters, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.
    ZOO Art Fair 2006 London, Bureau Gallery, Manchester, UK.
    Someone shows something to someone, Canberra Contemporary Art Spaces, Canberra.
    This is the thing I thought would never come, BUS Gallery, curated by Tony Garifalakis, Melbourne.
    Collection CBK Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, curated by Liesbeth Grotenhuis, The Netherlands.
    Melbourne Reign, New Melbourne Painting, Michael Carr Art Dealer, Sydney.
    Kids Stay Free, Neon Parc, Melbourne.
2005    A portable model of (touring), curated by Tristian Koenig, La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morewell, VIC.
    Arts Aporia, curated by BUS & Phatspace (Australia), Osaka, Japan.
    Neo Folk, curated by Julian Holcroft, Lithuanian Club, Melbourne.
    Drops in the ocean, curated by Ewoud van Rijn, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    Magic, curated by Andrea Gilbert, Vamiali's Gallery, Athens, Greece.
    Salon de Freehands, curated by Rob McHaffie, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne.
    Prog: ME Programma de midia electronica, curated by Carlo Sansolo & Erika Fraenkel,
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Nature by Proxy, curated by John Nicholson, Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney.
    Slave, curated by C.Hill, K.Picken, R.McKenzie, N.Selenitsch, The Margaret Lawrence Galleries,     Melbourne.
    VII Intl. Art & Film Festival, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba.
    A portable model of (touring), curated by Tristian Koenig, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania.
2004    Addressbook, curated by Tristian Koenig, BUS Gallery, Melbourne.
    VideoLoveHateVideo, curated by Tristian Koenig, Phatspace, Sydney.
    Instinct, curated by Liza Vasiliou, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.
    Imagens Que Jamais VocÊ Jamais VerÁ Na TV, curated by Carlo Sansolo & Erika Fraenkel,
    Sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil.
    VI Intl. Art & Film Festival, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba. Hole 04-02, screening curated by Sansolo & Fraenkel, Cine Buraco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Girlpower 3, GAZI Contemporary Artspace, curated by T. Spiliotis, Athens, Greece.
2003    Posted, MOP Projects, curated by Anton Marin, Sydney.
    V Intl. Art & Film Festival, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau & Gallery Carmen Montilla,
    Havana, Cuba.
    WallCandy, curated by Greg Deftereos, Conical Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.
2002    Only the Lonely, curated by Clare Firth-Smith (Penthouse & Pavement), BLOCK Gallery, Sydney.
2001    ABSOLUT: Selected works from the European Collection (touring exhibition), Paris (France),
    Warsaw (Poland), Stockholm, Millesgarden, Sweden.
2000    MoNa, Museum of New Art, Detroit, USA.
    Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, curated by G. Sangster, Baltimore, USA.
1999    ABSOLUT Cult, DESTE Contemporary Art, in collaboration with ABSOLUT, Stockholm, Sweden.
    2000, Galerie d'Art Contemporain Jacques Cartier, Chauny, France.
    ArtZine, curated by Phil Edwards, Spencer St. Gallery, Melbourne.
    Gallery Olga Georgadeas (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
    Gallery monohoro (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
1998    Westspace Gallery, A4Art, Melbourne.
    Gallery Olga Georgadeas (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
1997    Gallery Olga Georgadeas (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
    Gallery monohoro (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
    sweet egg, O Exerevnitis, Athens, Greece.
1996    Athens School of Fine Arts ASKT (graduation exhibition), National Gallery of Athens, Athens, Greece.
    BasaArt, Gallery monohoro, Athens, Greece.
1995    ABSOLUT Cult 95, curated by Yanni Kolokotroni & Eleni Athanasssiou, Pieridis Museum of Contemporary     Art, in collaboration with ABSOLUT, Stockholm, Sweden.
    CHAOS, Artspace CHAOS Art & Design, Athens, Greece
1994    Gallery Olga Georgadeas (Groupshow), Athens, Greece.
1993    Het Boudoir van PM, curated by Tanya Von Barnau-Sythoff, AIR Artist International Research,
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1992    Greece-The Netherlands: Contemporary Artists. Centre for Contemporary Art.
    Organized by the Royal Dutch Embassy, Athens, Greece.
    Different Opinion, curated by Miltos Manetas and Maria Papadimitriou, Gallery VIA Farini, Villa     Addormentata, Boffalora, Ticino, Milan, Italy.
1990    De Blokkendoos, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
    Relics, Gallery Relics, Thessaloniki, Greece.
1989    Noordkunst Artfair & Central Exhibition: Young Talent, curated by Frits Maats, Zuidlaren,
    The Netherlands.
    Project Dineke Van Huizen, Gallery Arcadia, Finsterwolde The Netherlands.
    Salon der Debutanten, Slagharen, The Netherlands.
    Summer Art Korenbeurs, Center for Art, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1988    Start 88, Centraal Beheer, Zeist, The Netherlands.
    Academy Minerva (graduation exhibition), De Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1987    Spatial Design, Academie Minerva, Gedempte Zuiderdiep building, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Awards, scholarships, residencies

2011    Recipient/Fellowship Thailand Residency at Naresuan University Phitsunalok (3 months), awarded by Asialink, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.
2011    Recipient Tokyo-Residency (Japan) (3 months), awarded by Australia Council for the Arts,     Sydney, Australia.
2010    Printmaking Residency 2010, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne.
2007/2009APA Award Fellowship, The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts and Music (VCAM).
2008    Art Residency New York City, USA (6 mths).
2006    Arts Victoria, Arts Development Grant, Melbourne.
2005    Arts Victoria, Export and Touring Grant (with Tony Garifalakis), Melbourne.
2003    Pat Corrigan Artist Grant, NAVA, Australia Council, Sydney.
2003    Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Conference & Workshop Travel Grant.
    V Intl. Art & Film Festival, Havana, Cuba.
2002    Siggraph Singapore; Shortlisted in International 3D Competition 2002, Singapore.
    Experimenta selected Interactive shockwave work The Forest (2001) for online exhibition, Melbourne.
95/97    IKY Postgraduate Scholarships. Grant for 2 Academic Years Postgraduate studies, Foundation
    for Government Artist Scholarships (IKY), Athens, Greece.
1995    ABSOLUT Cult. Commission/Prize by ABSOLUT Vodka, Stockholm, Sweden.
1993    Royal College of Art Sponsorships, Renswoude, Tesselschade and Stoop (private sponsorship     foundations) for Postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art, London, UK.
1993    European Grants Program PETRA II, Grant for Artists Residency ASKT (Delphi annex), Greece.
1992    Promotional Grant Voorzienings Fonds voor Kunstenaars (VVK), Production & Publication of
    Exhibition Catalogue, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1992    Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Artist Development Grant (1 year),
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
90/94    NUFFIC Netherlands University Federation for International Cooperation. Awarded 4 Scholarships within     the funding program of the Dutch & Greek Ministry of Culture (European Cultural Agreement:Exchange     & Residency program), The Hague, The Netherlands.
1990    Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Artist Development Grant (1 year),
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1990    Rens-Holle Foundation, Grant for Postgraduate studies and artist residency (Athens), Amsterdam, The     Netherlands.
1989    Centre for Contemporary Art, Artist Material & Development Grant, Groningen, The Netherlands.
1989    Centre for Contemporary Art, Exhibition Grant, Groningen, The Netherlands.
88/89    Stipend (Startstipendium) awarded by Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture,     Amsterdam.

Selected collaboration & artistpages

2006    Love Song Book. Artistpage contribution. Artistbook by Lisa Radford & Narelle Desmond, Melbourne.
2004    Girlpower 3. Art & charitable campaign. Initiated by A. Kollaros and T. Spiliotis in association with the     Hellenic Cancer Society, Athens, Greece.
2003    HomeComing. Artistpage contribution ‘SuperWish’. Artistbook by Hilde Aagaard. Oslo, Norway.
    RUBIK#14. Artistpage contribution, Melbourne. Issue 14. Curated by Julia Gorman, James Lynch,
    Michelle Ussher.
2002    Vanilla Sigaartje, video with Lane Cormick, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.
2000    The Politics of Everyday Fear. Australian Perspecta Project, Artspace Sydney, with T. Garifalakis.
1999    R.I.P. Artzine, in collaboration with T. Garifalakis. GLUE NO.6, T. Garifalakis, Melbourne.


Irene Hanenbergh’s work is represented in a number of public and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA including the Museum of Old and New Art (Australia), Artbank (Australia), ABSOLUT European Collection (Sweden), Center for Contemporary Art (The Netherlands), Collection ASKT (Greece), Rabobank (The Netherlands), QU Museum and others.

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2010-2011    UPDATES on all publications 2009, 2010, 2011 ASAP.
If you need them sooner, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact agents.

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